Toisniemi kiting team: Mikko Laitinen, Jukka Laitinen (video), Antti Laitinen, Lasse Harr (the Norwegian)

Toisniemi kiting team exploring Finnmarksvidda. From the left: Mikko Laitinen, Jukka Laitinen, Antti Laitinen, Lasse Harr. is the collaboration between Antti and Mikko Laitinen, two Finnish outdoor photographers and brothers. We roam around the mountains, lakes and woods in northern Scandinavia, pointing our cameras at people enjoying the backcountry. We’re passionate about the outdoors and hope that our photography mirrors the stoke, thrills and emotions we ourselves experience every time we set foot outside, be it snowkiting, skiing, hiking or fishing.
Some of our photos have won awards in competitions, others have appeared in books, magazines and ad campaigns internationally. Our mom thinks we’re great.

The Toisniemi team

We’re not the only ones contributing to the site. On our blog you’ll be seeing updates from the  people who usually end up in front of our cameras: The Toisniemi team features our friends and family, with whom we muck about in the wilderness. Besides us, our main crew consists of other Laitinen siblings, Jukka and Maija, who work the video angle of our tours, and Lasse, the  Norwegian with an experienced eye for locations and spots.

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Mikko Laitinen